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    Are you getting fit for the New Year?

    Are you getting fit for the New Year?

    How many of us start each new year with the idea that ‘THIS WILL BE THE YEAR’ we will achieve our fitness goals and/or lose weight, only to find that by the end of January, our resolutions somehow seem less important and our sense of achievement got thrown away with the remnants of the turkey!  If getting fit was our goal last year, then we should be saying ‘I am fit and I want to get fitter in 2007!’.    If you can say this, then fantastic, let’s work on getting fitter, if it all went disastrously wrong, then let’s make sure that this is the start of a new you!

    In order to keep you motivated, you need to set yourself challenges - not big ones, just small ones. 

    What challenge will you be setting yourself in 2007?  

    How can you measure your goals and keep track of them. If you are anything like me, you plan to do something and then a thousand other things come along at the same time and then you forget about yourself.  In 2007 make sure you do more things you want to do, more things that you enjoy, and less that you don't! Easier said than done!  

    In order to keep track of your plans and or goals, my advice would be to make sure your goals are SMART!   Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based.  - Why not use this for all your goals for 2007!  

    An example of a SMART goal is: Run 5 kilometres 30 mins for Charity Fun Run in April 2007:

    S         Specific – running 5k is a specific goal

    M         Measurable – completing the run in 30 mins is measurable using a watch.

    A         Achievable – this distance would not be unrealistic for a beginner without health/joint problems.

    R         Realistic – can you devote 1 – 2 hours per week to train – maybe Sunday mornings with the kids or 2 – 3 gym sessions.

    T          Time based – the race is in April, so you would have 4 months to prepare!

    Keep a log of what your SMART goals are for 2007 - that way you can check your progress!

    To help start you on your way:

    One of the most frequent and effective exercises is the forward lunge.  It tightens and tones the thighs and bottom  … … and if you do cardio intervals in between sets, you will soon see results.  This is great if you plan to go skiing or even if Santa brought you something short to wear this Spring.

    Start off with your feet hip width apart, pull in your tummy and keep your shoulders down.  Take a step forward  at least 30 inches with one leg, bending the knee to no more than a right angle.  The back leg will also bend to the same degree – take the heel off the floor with the back knee dropping towards the floor.  Make sure that your feet are pointing forwards throughout.  Keep your chest lifted and remember to keep your tummy pulled in. To return, push backwards with the front leg until you are in the neutral starting position. Do 10 repetitions and then swap to the other leg.  Then either step or run up and down the bottom stair or skip (with or without a rope) for one minute.  Repeat 4 times. 

     Remember to warm up first – brisk walking for 10 minutes is good (you need to walk fast enough to feel out of breath and warm).  When you have finished the exercises, brisk walk for a further 10 minutes and then stretch. 

     Adapt the above to suit your level of fitness and start seeing the results!

    Article kindly provided by Julie Bourgeois of Vitesse Health & Fitness, Caterham


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