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Champ Consultants
Champ Consultants are an established family firm of accountants and tax advisers, offering a friendly personal service

    Festive Safety Advice

    The festive season is only weeks away and this is a time of joy. However, it brings a wide range of new fire hazards to the home. Think about it – lots of guests, candles and decorations, people drinking and smoking. This all combined makes the everyday risks get bigger.

    At Home

       Check and test your Christmas lights are in good working order and conform to the British Standard before using them in or on your home. Replace old sets of lights especially those that are not in perfect working condition.
    v   Due to the composition of Christmas decorations never place them on lights or heaters. Never place garlands immediately above or around fireplaces.
    v   Never use lighted candles as Christmas tree decorations and ensure that when in use they are placed in suitable holders and away from all combustible material.
    v   Ensure all visitors to your home know and understand your escape plans including the location of any door and window keys.
    v   Keep all escape routes clear especially any halls, stairs and landings.
    v   Ensure that all cigarettes are extinguished and never empty ashtrays into waste bins.
    v   In properties with open fires make sure the flue has been inspected recently and cleaned by a professional and a suitable fireguard is used.
    v   In colder weather ensure that any heaters or electric blankets are in good working order and are correctly sited, fitted and used.

    On the Road

    v   Don't drink and drive                                                                
    v   Check that your vehicle is well maintained and serviced and ensure you have de-icer and a screen scraper
    v   When driving in cold and icy conditions take care on both treated and untreated roads. Remember wet leaves on roads also impaired your ability to control or stop your vehicle.
    v   Try not to distract drivers
    v   As a passenger , If your not happy with the way someone is driving and feel unsafe , tell them, ask them to slow down.
    Surrey Fire and Rescue Service - with you, making Surrey safer


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